A College Education is too Expensive

A College Education is too Expensive

Hope is going to change that. 希望前进 is an entirely new funding model that will provide a tuition-free education for every student at 希望学院.

Instead of charging tuition 之前 receiving a transformative Hope education, this “pay it forward” approach will ask students to give to the college after they graduate — providing the same opportunity for future students. And because they will graduate free from the burden of debt, they’ll be better positioned to pursue lives of impact, not just income to pay the bills.

A college funding model based on generosity and giving? We believe that could change everything.

关于 希望前进方式给

To Preserve the American Dream, Improve Access to Higher Ed

This op-ed is the first in a series in which President Scogin be exploring the ways that the economics of higher education influence the decisions students make about their education—and what we (as a country) can do to improve access to higher education.


希望学院 Launches “希望前进” Strategy to Fully Fund Tuition

A new financial model to fund a 希望学院 education. 这是 goal of a vision that 希望学院 recently launched, built on the long-range commitment to ensure access for every student who is admitted to Hope.


Leading Hope with Hope

With the nation and world facing some of the largest challenges of the past several decades, it would be easy to hunker down and despair. One of the most important things to know about President Matthew A. 例如,' 02 that he doesn’t think that way.


A Bold Vision for a New Era

President Matthew A. Scogin ’02 shared a bold vision for Hope during his inauguration just a few weeks into the semester: fully funded tuition.


Hope President Names Fully Funding Tuition as Top Goal During Inaugural Address

希望学院 president Matthew A. Scogin shared a bold vision for the private, Christian liberal arts school during his inauguration on Friday, Sept. 13: fully funded tuition.


希望前进: Three Pillars

  • Being transformed by Hope should not come with a price tag.

  • Graduates give out of gratitude for the gift they have received.

  • 希望前进 will transform our relationship with students and alumni.